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This page showcases all the achievements given to our students while performing at eisteddfods and competitions around Australia.

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Age Group
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsLil GrooversGroovinators2nd
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsLil GrooversTonights Gonna Be A Good Night4th
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsSub JuniorsWhen I Dip2nd
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsSub JuniorsPerfection4th
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsPre JuniorsOne That I Want3rd
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsPre JuniorsArabian Nights6th
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsJuniorsMad World1st
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsJuniorsRabbit Hole1st
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsWhats Love1st
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsHomage1st
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsRespect2nd
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsDrumline3rd
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsWhat Ive Done4th
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsRun The World4th
2013Crown International Dance ChampionshipsIntermediates & SeniorsShe Wolf6th
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaLil GrooversTonights Gonna Be A Good Night1st
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaSub JuniorsWhen I DipH/C
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaJuniorsRabbit Hole4th
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaIntermediatesRespect4th
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaIntermediatesAll We HaveH/C
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaIntermediatesWhat Ive Done4th
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaIntermediatesRun The World4th
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaSeniorsDrumline3rd
2013Ooh La La Dance ExtravaganzaSeniorsShe Wolf3rd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeLil GrooversGroovinatorsH/C
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeLil GrooversTonights Gonna Be A Good NightH/C
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsWhen I Dip1st
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsThe Blade1st
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsOne That I Want2nd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsArabian Nights3rd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsPerfectionH/C
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsMad World1st
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsWhat I’ve Done3rd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediatesRespect1st
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediatesWhat’s Love1st
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediatesAll We Have2nd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsBend & Snap1st
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsAll Coming Back2nd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsDrumline2nd
2013Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsShe Wolf3rd
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularLil GrooversFireworksMerit
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsArabian Nights1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsPerfection1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsThe Blade2nd
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub Juniors / Pre JuniorsWhen I DipH/C
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsMad World1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsWhat I’ve Done1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsRabbit Hole2nd
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsTurn Back TimeH/C
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesWhat’s Love1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesAll We Have1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesRespect2nd
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsCommander1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsTitanium1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsBend & Snap1st
2013Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsShe WolfH/C
2013City Of Sydney EisteddfodJuniors14/U Contemporary – Mad World3rd
2013City Of Sydney EisteddfodSeniorsOpen Age Jazz – CommanderH/C
2013Sydney Stars on ShowLittle GrooversFireworksMerit
2013Sydney Stars on ShowLittle GrooversGroovinators2nd
2013Sydney Stars on ShowLittle GrooversTonight Gonna Be A Good Night1st
2013Sydney Stars on ShowSub JuniorThe Blade3rd
2013Sydney Stars on ShowSub JuniorWhen I Dip1st
2013Sydney Stars on ShowSub JuniorTurbulanceH/C
2013Sydney Stars on ShowPre JuniorsArabian Nights1st
2013Sydney Stars on ShowPre JuniorsNine to Five2nd
2013Sydney Stars on ShowJuniorsDouble Dutch2nd
2013Sydney Stars on ShowJuniorsMad WorldH/C
2013Sydney Stars on ShowJuniorsRabbit Hole1st
2013Sydney Stars on ShowJuniorsTurn Back Time4th
2013Sydney Stars on ShowInter/SeniorAll We Have3rd
2013Sydney Stars on ShowInter/SeniorWhat’s Love1st
2013Sydney Stars on ShowInter/SeniorRespectH/C
2013Sydney Stars on ShowInter/SeniorCommander1st
2013Sydney Stars on ShowInter/SeniorTitanium4th
2013Sydney Stars on ShowInter/SeniorDrum Line1st
2013WORLD CUP CHEER & DANCE (Winter)SeniorsSenior Squad – Cheer/Stunt1st
2013WORLD CUP CHEER & DANCE (Winter)JuniorsJunior Squad – Cheer/Stunt3rd
2013WORLD CUP CHEER & DANCE (Spring)JuniorsJunior Squad – Pom1st
2013WORLD CUP CHEER & DANCE (Spring)SeniorsSenior Squad – Pom1st
2013WORLD CUP CHEER & DANCE (Spring)JuniorsJunior Cheer – Cheer/Stunt7th
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeLil GrooversGold Digger2nd
2014Extreme Dance Challenge
Sub Juniors
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniors9 to 5
2014Extreme Dance ChallengePre JuniorsAnimals1st
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsRead all About It2nd
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsScared of Me3rd
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsSome Nights1st
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediatesFashionista2nd
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsDa Boyz1st
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediates
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediatesDouble DutchH/C
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniors
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsCandles1st
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsCommander3rd
2014Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsBend & Snap2nd
2014Decadance ChallengeSub JuniorsGold Digger1st
2014Decadance ChallengeJuniorsDa Boyz1st
2014Decadance ChallengeJuniorsRead all About It1st
2014Decadance ChallengeJuniors
2014Decadance ChallengeIntermediates
Double DutchH/C
2014Decadance ChallengeIntermediatesFashionista2nd
2014Decadance ChallengeSeniorsSome NightsH/C
2014Decadance ChallengeSeniors
Bend & Snap1st
2014Decadance ChallengeSeniors
2014Decadance ChallengeJnr/Inter/Seniors
2014Decadance ChallengeSeniorsCommander2nd
2014Decadance ChallengeSeniorsTitanium2nd
2014Decadance ChallengeSeniorsCandles2nd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalSeniorsBounce2nd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalSeniorsCandles2nd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalSeniors
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalSeniorsCommander3rd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalLittle GrooversLittle Diva's4th
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalSub JuniorsGold Digger2nd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalJuniors
9 to 5H/C
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalPre JuniorsAnimals3rd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalIntermediates500 Miles2nd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalIntermediatesTurn Back TimeH/C
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalJuniorsScared of Me3rd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalJuniors
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalJuniorsDa Boyz3rd
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalIntermediatesDouble DutchH/C
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalJuniorsScarletH/C
2014Hi-Energy Dance FestivalIntermediates
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub JuniorsGold DiggerH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularLittle Groovers
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniors
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniors
Some Nights1st
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsTitanium1st
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniors
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniors
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularLittle GrooversLittle Diva'sH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsRead all About ItH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularPre JuniorsAnimalsH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularPre JuniorsBorn to be WildH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniors
Da Boyz2nd
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesTurn Back TimeH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediates500 MilesH/C
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsLibatango1st
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniors
Scared of Me4th
2014The Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesDouble DutchH/C
2014Sydney Stars on ShowSub Juniors
When She Loved Me1st
2014Sydney Stars on ShowSub JuniorsWerk3rd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowPre Juniors
Let It Go3rd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowJuniors
Scared of Me2nd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowJuniors
Turn Down The What1st
2014Sydney Stars on ShowPre JuniorsBorn to be Wild3rd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowJuniorsLibatango3rd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowPre JuniorsAnimals3rd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowSeniorsLOVE1st
2014Sydney Stars on ShowIntermediatesFuriuos Angels3rd
2014Sydney Stars on ShowJuniors
Da Boyz1st
2014Sydney Stars on Show
2014Sydney Stars on ShowSeniorsCandlesH/C
2014Sydney Stars on ShowSeniorsINXS1st
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalLittle GrooversLittle Diva'sH/C
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalSub JuniorsWhen She Loved MeH/C
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalLittle GrooversEndless Love1st
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalPre JuniorsBorn to be Wild2nd
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalJuniorsSticks & Stones2nd
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalPre JuniorsLet It Go2nd
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalJuniorsScared of Me2nd
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalIntermediates500 MilesH/C
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalIntermediates
Furiuos Angels1st
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalJuniorsLibatangoH/C
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalIntermediatesFashionista2nd
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalJuniorsTurn Down The What1st
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalSeniorsLOVE1st
2015Fifth Avenue Dance FestivalSeniorsINXS1st
2015Time To ShineLittle GrooversEndless Love1st
2015Time To ShineLittle GrooversLittle Diva's2nd
2015Time To ShineSub JuniorsSinging In The Rain2nd
2015Time To ShinePre JuniorsLet It Go2nd
2015Time To ShinePre JuniorsLittle Nikki Says1st
2015Time To ShinePre JuniorsBorn to be Wild3rd
2015Time To ShineJuniorsTurn Down For What1st
2015Time To ShineLibertangoLibertango1st
2015Time To Shine
Sticks & Stones1st
2015Time To ShineJuniorsScared of Me2nd
2015Time To ShineIntermediateWOW1st
2015Time To ShineIntermediateFashionista3rd
2015Time To ShineIntermediate500 Miles1st
2015Time To ShineIntermediateLOVE1st
2015Time To ShineSeniorsINXSH/C
2015Time To Shine
2015Extreme Dance ChallengeLittle Diva'sGirls Wanna Have FunH/C
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
Little Diva'sEndless Love1st
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
Sub JuniorsSinging In The RainH/C
2015Extreme Dance ChallengePre Juniors Born To Be WildH/C
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
Pre JuniorsLittle Nikki SaysH/C
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
Pre Juniors Let It GoH/C
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
JuniorsScared of MeH/C
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
JuniorsTurn Down for What3rd
2015Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsLibertango1st
2015Extreme Dance ChallengeJuniorsSticks & Stones2nd
2015Extreme Dance ChallengeIntermediate500 MilesH/C
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
2015Extreme Dance Challenge
2015Extreme Dance Challenge

2015Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsINXSH/C
2015Extreme Dance ChallengeSeniorsMercyH/C
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong Eisteddfod
Little Diva'sGirls Wanna Have FunH/C
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodJuniors
Turn Down for What1st
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodJuniorsVogue
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodIntermediateWOW2nd
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodIntermediateBang BangH/C
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodSeniors
Hip Hop2nd
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodSeniorsMercy3rd
2015BlueScope WIN Wollongong EisteddfodSeniorsLOVE1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularLittle GrooversGirls Wanna Have Fun2nd
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularLittle GrooversEndless Love1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub JuniorsSinging In The RainH/C
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularSub JuniorsLet It GoH/C
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularPre JuniorsBorn to be Wild1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularPre JuniorsGirls2nd
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularPre JuniorsLittle Nikki SaysH/C
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniors
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsScared of MeH/C
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsVogue
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniorsTurn Down for What2nd
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularJuniors
Sticks & Stones2nd
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediates500 Miles3rd
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesBang Bang1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesWOW2nd
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularIntermediatesFashionista1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsBA BA Tap1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsLOVE
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsINXS1st
2015Ultimate Danz SpectacularSeniorsMercy3rd
2017Inspire Arts ChallengePre JuniorsBird Set Free1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengePre JuniorsStep In Time1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengePre JuniorsMissy1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeSub JuniorsNew YorkH/C
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeSub JuniorsHow Far Ill Go1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeSub JuniorsTNT1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeIntermediatesMarry The Night2nd
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeLittle GrooversLittle GH/C
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeJuniorStrong1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeLittle GrooversTokyo1st
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeJuniorWhere R U Now2nd
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeSeniorHumans2nd
2017Inspire Arts ChallengeIntermediatesEmbrace3rd