By taking classes at Static, our students do more than just learn to dance.  They’ll gain confidence in themselves and interact with peers in a fun and friendly manner.  At the same time they’ll gain fitness and learn to appreciate one of the longest standing art forms.


is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.  Jazz has become one of the most popular dance styles, mainly due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos and commercials.


is a form of dance characterised by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe.


is a technical form of dance with its own vocabulary focusing on pointe work, flowing, precise acrobatic movements. It is primarily performed with the accompaniment of classical music.

Hip Hop

is a choreographed dance style primarily danced to hip hop music. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking and popping.


is a more relaxed, free style of dance in which choreographers use emotions and moods to design their own steps and omit structured form and movement. It is usually performed in bare feet, often with non-traditional costuming.

Musical Theatre

is a form of dance combining signing, miming and acting. The emotional content of the piece, as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, movement and technical aspects of the dance as an integrated whole.


is a class for those who want to improve their vocal abilities, tonality and rythm. Singing teaches students how to use breathing to their advantage and widen their vocal range by either singing a capella or with musical accompaniment . Singing is a group class, but private tuition is also available.

Classes for Preschoolers (2-5 years)

a range of classes for the little ones, starting from 2 years of age. Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet
& Acrobatic Arts Preschool give children a rounded introduction to the art of dance.


is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility and motor co-ordination. It can be found in many of the performing arts that make extensive use of gymnastic elements, such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet.


refers to a trapeze act in which the performer moves around the bar and ropes, performing a wide range of movements including balances, drops, hangs while the bar itself stays generally static. The difficulty on a static trapeze is making every move look effortless.

Aerial Hoop

(also known as the lyra) –  is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which artists may perform aerial Acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging.

Aerial Silk 

is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while flying.

Plus more like…

  • Tumbling
  • Cheerleading
  • All Boys Classes
  • Acrobatic Arts
  • Technique and Conditioning