At Static Dance Studios we offer tap examination classes under the unique Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.
The GWT Syllabus launched into the tap scene in 2004, after 6 years of research and development.

Reasons why we love the GWT Syllabus:

  • Designed to offer a Complete Tap Program, from Baby Tap to the most advanced dancers

  • Founded on solid technique

  • The steps, routines and combinations are fluid, relaxed and enjoyable to dance

  • Students of all levels are immersed from lesson 1 into an excellent technique

  • Offers the most enjoyable exam process students will participate in!

The GWT Exam Experience is unique!

All GWT examiners are professionals in tap dance – with extensive experience as performers and entertainers, studio teachers and owners.

Each exam is fun and our examiners are very hands-on. We interact with students during the exam, ensuring each student can show their full potential, providing students with the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue learning.

Our Glenn Wood Tap classes are divided into levels based on the syllabus.

Prior to joining a class an assessment will be made by our qualified teachers to determine which level is most suitable for each individual student based on their ability and previous experience/exams.