At Static Dance Studios we offer Ballet examination classes under The Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus.

The RAD offers an internationally-recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement.

Our classes start from the first Graded levels (Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance). Students can then move into eight further Graded levels.

The Graded Examination in Dance Syllabus:

  • focuses on ballet (including elements of freer and progressive styles, appropriate for today’s dancer) and Character
  • includes Graded Examinations (Primary in Dance – Grade 8), Class Awards (Pre-Primary in Dance – Grade 3), Presentation Classes (Grades 4-8) and Solo Performance Awards (Grades 1-3)
  • is appropriate for candidates from the ages of 5 years

The examination component of this class is not compulsory.
Students may partake in these classes to simply further develop their ballet technique.

Our R.A.D Ballet classes are divided into grades according to the syllabus.

Prior to joining a class an assessment will be made by our qualified teachers to determine which grade is most suitable for each individual student based on their ability and previous experience/exams.