Static Dance Studios is the Official Location for READY SET MOVE WITH ME in Glendenning.
These programs cater for toddlers, 1-3 years and their guardians.
We offer READY SET MOVE WITH ME classes of a morning throughout the week and on the weekend.

READY SET MOVE is a creative movement and music class for toddlers and their grown up.
The class consists of 3 sections – ENGAGE, EXPLORE AND EXPRESS.
The ENGAGE section is a playful exploration of music, nursery rhymes, lap play and parachute fun.
The EXPLORE section is set up as a circuit around the room with obstacles like stepping stones, tunnels and sensory activities designed to encourage investigation and build coordination skills.
The EXPRESS section of the class involves free dance movement which develops creativity with instruments, feathers and bubbles.
Join our community and learn new ways to interact with your toddler. Young children at this age are in the period of highest brain growth and development in their lifespan.


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